General Information:
Location : Addis Ababa
Built up area = 150 sq.m
Floor area = 543 sq.meter

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Design Brief: The Client wants me to design a building that contains a rental space for a bank, a Restaurant space for himself, remaining spaces can be rental shops or offices and also he wants to have a 3 car parking spaces. And building hight is limited to Four stories.

The Site: This project site has a total area of 278 sq.m. It is located adjacent to the Clients residential building. Inn order to Preserve privacy for the residents of this house, I cannot open openings for newly designed building towards the adjucent side to the residential building.

The Design: First I zone every required funcitons in Four Stories. So, I put a space for a bank, 3 car parking spaces and a single shop space at the ground floor. At the first floor, I put a Restaurant and shop spaces.

And on the remaining second and third floors, I put spaces for offices/shops that can be arranged according to the convinience for the person who rent. As I mention earlier, I didn't open windows towards the adjucent neightbour residential building. But in order to make sure every spaces have enought natural lighting , I made the front sides more transparent. But, since the bulidng face south and west sides , this transparency made the spaces very inconvenient to live in. So, in order to tackle this problem, I put vetical screens towars the south and west facades.

Generally: This project is about seeking quality and comfrot through simplicity and effective utilization of spaces.

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