General Information:
Location : Addis Ababa | Built up area = 165 sq.m

Living & Dinning room, Kitchen, Master Bedroom with Master Bathroom, Two childern Bedrooms with their own Bathrooms, Guest Bedroom, Family room, Study room, Common Bathroom, Parking, Laundry, and store.

Design Brief:
The client told me that I am limited to design half of the size of the site due to budget. He wants to have a spacious living room along with open kitchen, a master bedroom with its own bath ,2 children bedrooms with their own bath, and also a guest room and a study room.

The Site:
This Project Site is located between neighboring buildings to the east and west side. And it is adjacent to 10 meters wide local road towards the south.

Southern side of the site has a great view which can positively affect our functional arrangement. Rooms like living room and master bedroom can be oriented by seeing the opportunity to have a great view.

The Design:
According to the client needs and site analysis; I develop a concept for the project. As per the client, I put a mass that measures about half of the site. By putting it at the slopy side of the site, I can provide a parking and basement spaces without extra need for excavation. So, by elevating the mass, I can find a space underneath for basement and parking. I provide a main entrance for the project following a slopy nature of the landscape. So, I already defined the access of the building.

when I orient the spaces, I considered, the site conditions like view, natural light, harsh sun and also fulfill the client needs. So, at the basement floor, I locate a laundry and a store to make it more accessible from the parking. And also, vertical access to the upper floor.

At the ground floor, I locate a double height lobby space following the entry of the building. I placed a spacious living room towards the southern side. At this position it can get enough natural light and very good view form the street. Then I arranged adjacent open kitchen alongside the living dinning room. At this floor, I also place a study, Guest room and bathroom.

At the First floor, I placed a Master bedroom with its own dressing and bathroom, it is Facing the southern side to get a view from the street and facing towards the east to have a morning sun. A family room also placed here facing the southern side, so it can be a good gathering space for the family with a good view and natural light.I put both children bedrooms adjacent to each other.

So,Every space gets a direct natural light and good view but should be protected for harsh sun to avoid glare and uncomfortable excessive heat. Inn order to make that happen, I Perforated a hash sun sujected wall to allow light but at the same time provide shading. and also by cantilivering the balconey I also provide shading for other sujected walls.

This project is about modest luxury.

Thank You.

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