Of course, architecture is about our needs.

Like a need for weather protection, being secured from external danger, a need for sleeping place, working place, gathering place … we can mention our needs all day long. But, for sure, it is not only about those things.

So, what else?

First architecture is about problem solving.

Architects solve problems of the society through carefully analyzing the problem and come up with a synthesized solution. But architecture is not only about this process, but also the product of the process is also called architecture.

So, what makes this product architecture?
Vitruvius laid three attributes for this question. Those are strength, utility and beauty. According to him,

I. Architecture should be able to stand firmly.

We have witnessed structures that are still standing after hundred of years since they were erected.

II. Architecture should serve the intended purpose.

For the users in a best possible way. it should be able to assist the user’s activities very positively. It should act as a fertile soil for users’ activities to prosper.

III. Architecture should be aesthetic.

But as we know beauty is subjective. The concept of beauty differs from time to time, style to style. The perception of beaty in classical architecture, Gothic architecture, deconstructivism and other styles is different.

But architecture is also about our values.

“Architecture is an expression of values – the way we build is a reflection of the way we live.” - Norman foster

So, his saying shows us, architecture is not only about form and space but it is something exceeds its components. Love, peace, truth, conduct are expressed through architecture. So, architecture is a reflection of our way of life.

From this saying, we can understand architecture is not only about things we mentioned earlier, but it is something exceeds. Our individual, family, moral and spiritual values are expressed through architecture.

Architecture is about Optimism.

“Architecture is a profession of optimism” - Johanna Hurme.

Definitely, Architecture is about making the world a better place. In order to make it better, it requires a strong belief about tomorrow, a belief of things will get better. it requires a positive attitude, it requires optimism.

“Architecture is more than making a statement from the street. It’s making an environment for living.” - Dion Neutra.

Architecture is about building environment that improve people’s quality of life. Environment for family, environment for the society, Environment for life.

Generally, there is no one standard definition for architecture, but the things that are mentioned in this article can give you a glimse of this profound word 'ARCHITECTURE'.

Thank you.

Written by Biruk Hailu.

Email: info@birukhailu.com

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