Hi, I am Biruk Hailu, & I'm an Architect for about Four years.

I graduated from University of Gondar on Feb 10, 2018 and I have an opportunity to design Residential, commercial and Mixed-use building design projects as a team and individually and also I participated on large scale interior design projects for offices, residentials and shops.

And currently I am engaging in different things in addition to Architecture.


I am writing about two distinct tops Self-development and Architecture.

I consider myself as a life time student, and I am always trying to grasp ideas and figure out ways that are helpful to develop me as a person, as a professional and as an individual who seeks to have a meaning in his life. And I would love to share my student journey with you through my self-development articles.

I love architecture (obviously), And I am reading, working and of course writing about philosophies, practice & science of Architecture.

Newsletter - IDEAS FOR LIFE

I writing a weekly email newsletter that focus on self-development. Every Friday I am sending short maximum of 200 words articles that I explore thought out the week under my improvement journey.


I have started a youtube channel that focus on Business, productivity, human mentality and ofcourse Architecuture. I would appriciate to see my videos and be part of a community. Visit the Channel

  • E-mail: info@birukhailu.com